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Homebuyers ReportBuying any kind of property costs an arm or a leg and it’s not surprising that some homebuyers are tempted to forgo the survey to save a few pounds. The sad truth however is that the survey is most certainly in the homebuyers interests and may save them a considerable amount of money in the long term.

Many home buyers use the building survey to renegotiate the price of the property particularly when the survey uncovers defects that had previously gone unnoticed or provides more detailed information with regard to the condition of the major installations such as the rewiring or central heating. In many such cases a survey can save you far more the the actual cost of the survey. Other major issues such as subsidence, dry rot or damp will also be picked up during a building survey.

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Home Buying Checklist

The last thing you want to happen is for a surveyor to find so many faults with a property that you actually pull out of the purchase. This is a situation to avoid as it puts you back at square one in that you now have to find another property and you will also have to shell out for another survey.

Far better perhaps if you were armed with a checklist of sorts so that you can do your own due diligence when you visit the property. Regardless of the decorative condition of the property here are some of the best questions you should be asking the vendor before you put an offer in:

Property ChecklistRoof - The average lifespan of a roof is around 30 years. Find out how old the roof is or if it will soon need replacing. The average cost for a new roof to a 3 bed terrace is around 5k / 8k depending on roof type, size and location. You can get roofing quotes at Roofing Supermarket.

Windows - Check out the condition of the windows. Old or original windows on a period property usually means that they are at the end of their life and will need replacing soon. The cost of of installing new windows to a 3 bed terrace would be in the region of 10k / 15 depending on location, window type and the quality desired. You can get window quotes at Cheapest Double Glazing.

Central Heating & Boiler - An up to date central heating system is really good news as energy costs are high and you want a modern system to get the best value. Ask how old the boiler is and remember that whilst the boiler might be new the actual radiators and tanks may still be ancient. Cost of a replacement boiler is aound 1.5k / 2k whilst a whole new central heating system will set you back around 5k / 7k. You can get quotes for a new boiler or central heating at Best Boiler Reviews.

Electrical - Find out how long it is since the property was rewired. Take a look at the consumer unit and see if it is the old type with wired fuses or a modern push button trip fuse system. Look at the style of the light switches and sockets to get an idea if the system is modern or ancient. The average cost of a complete rewire to a 3 bed terrace will be in the region of 3k / 5k depending on the amount of circuits required and the location. You can get quotes for a rewire at Electricians Supermarket.

Kitchen - Working out the age and condition of the kitchen and appliances is easier in that what you see if what you get. New kitchens start at about 2k and go skywards depending on taste. You can view over 1,000 kitchens and check out the latest worktops and appliances at Future Kitchens.

Bathrooms - Yet again it should be fairly obvious as what you see is what you get. Do take the time to run the taps and find out what the hot and cold water pressure is like. A new bathroom starts at about 2k and goes upwards depending on taste. You can get free bathroom design and quotes at Bathroom Supermarket.

Loft Conversion - If you think the property might be suitable  if you converted the loft then you can get free quotes for loft conversions at Future Lofts.

Extension - If you think the property is a little small and would like to find out how much it costs for an extension you can get quotes and loads of advice at Extensions Supermarket.

The fact is you can free quotes for almost any type of home improvements at Price Devils, one of the UK’s largest price comparison sites for property care and services. To get quotes go to Price Devils.


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